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“He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eye to them receives many curses.”

Proverbes 28:27

Sulamithe Ndjanseb has started African Maroons Charity to honor her deceased son, Maroon. This non-profit organization provide a holistic support to the vulnerable, disadvantaged and impoverished children around Africa. Her humanitarian vision is to provide solidarity and development support.

She works untiringly and without ceasing to make a difference in the lives of these less fortunate children, men and women. And she is supported by wonderful and kind hearted volunteers who not only work tirelessly to make AMC projects a success but also to help gradually eradicate poverty, misery and injustice one life at a time.

She appeals to every person to take a stand to help break the chains of poverty so the world is a better place for the less fortunate and especially the orphaned children ..

An ideal humanitarian world is one that is concerned about improving the welfare of its impoverished children, alleviating their suffering and according them the same chances for success as to others.

At Africain Maroon Charity, our objective is to help vulnerable, disadvantaged and impoverished children and women in Africa – a place teeming with poverty and no altruistic care for its citizen. There is no infrastructure in place to provide support and care to these less fortunate people.

Our purpose is to provide a holistic support, particularly in areas of health, education and improving their economic conditions, e.g., support vocational trainings. We believe that every child, man and woman in these situations deserve our help.

We currently have several ongoing projects: 

  • Orphanages like Orphanage Dorcas, and Maroons Children’s Home
  • Working with local communities to identify and directly help those in need to ensure our aid gets to where it is most needed
  • We provide micro loans to farmers, small traders, groups with special projects or students 

Because poverty has both local and global cause, that why we work personally together with local community to help individuals and groups improve the well-being of children and to overcome poverty as long and far we can.

We travel personally to the villages to insure that our donations for support will arrives there where it is really used and needed.

Our work is only possible with assistance of generous donations. And it is your support that can help us make a positive difference in the lives of these unfortunate and downtrodden people. Your donation can make an immediate impact that will reverberate in these people for years to come.

We need sponsors who will help us make this mission possible.

We believe that in unity and togetherness we shall stand and fight poverty, hunger and lack of education in our lovely continent Africa.

You can help us by providing funds or in kind such as

  • Food
  • Clothing (adult and children)
  • Shoes
  • Mattresses
  • Medications
  • Wheelchairs
  • Bicycles
  • Auto Donation
  • Electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, mobile phones in order to sell and use these funds to purchase necessary food supplies such as rice, salt, sugar, etc.
  • Money Donation


Ebake (17) live in Banga Bakude Southwest Cameroon. His father gone when he was 3 and, the mother died when he was just 12 years old. Ebake wish to be an Boat building engineer and need help. You have helped us to send Ebake to a school called in Cameroon O.I.C. The goal is metal fabrication and Welding. It was a two years program that end November 2013. Ebake graduated has created his own little Business and now He work today in a Welding company in Dubai. Thank you for your support.

Japoma/Cameroon 2012

Here is Mandela a boy of 8 years old and orphan, I met him 2011 and visited him again 2012 but never see him smiling and that does not mean that he can not smile but due to his sad situation he is into.

Mandela lost both his mother and his father who died from HIV -AIDS when he was still 4 years old.

I would like to request all sponsers who would like to bring a smile on Mandela faces.

Ndog Mbog/Cameroon 2011        

Yahounde/Cameroon 2011     

Log Mbanga (Babimbi)/Cameroon2013     

Partage au Cameroon 2014 

Partage au Cameroon 2013    

Partage au Cameroon 2016

Loading Container 2016

  Edea/Cameroon 2011

Banga Bakude sud-Ouest/Cameroon 2011

Ndom (Babimbi)/Cameroun 2013

Banga Bakude/Cameroun 2013

Partage au Cameroun 2014

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